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My Story

Along my way in corporate America in 2008, I decided to give my inner entrepreneur a chance.
I studied coaching and graduated from Coach U, the leading global provider of coach training programs.  I wrote the book “Let Your Light Shine.”    And I was accepted to attend a private retreat for women entrepreneurs hosted by  Tory Johnson, of Good Morning America, in Texas.  This is also where I connected with a member of Tory’s team who coaches me yet today.
Working with Tory and her team, I learned real-world style leadership and entrepreneurship, and how to harness the power of keeping it simple.
In 2015 I was inspired to create “This is my Year,” a personalized, values-based planner designed to help busy women simplify their lives and align their time and energy with what matters most.  I started this planner to help other women and to hold myself accountable to the practices that made my life better by slowing down and aligning with my values.
Today I have paired the principles of the planner with the physical act of coaching, for a one-of-a-kind coaching program designed specifically for busy women entrepreneurs with little time to spare- “Focused 15.”
“Focused 15” is a highly focused coaching program for women who are past the point of contemplation and personally committed to focusing and simplifying their lives.  Check out the “Focused 15” page to see what a few focused women have to say about their experience with the “Focused 15” program.